Meet Lisa


How it began

 Hi there! I'm Lisa; chief baker, maker and owner at Confection of Affection.  I started baking for fun about eight years ago as a way of relieving stress during my time as a science teacher. Over the years I've made cakes for family and friends, gradually improving my skill set and building confidence  - prior to this I didn't even know I had a creative side! I have been on a numerous courses to gain more skills and fallen in love with creating beautiful cakes.  After lots of encouragement, I decided to follow my heart and dreams and go into business in April 2018 - so here I am! 


About me

So, before cake making, I was a science teacher in a secondary school in the East Midlands for eight years, and I still tutor now. When I'm not baking I love spending time reading ( I like a good fantasy book - I'm a bit of a geek!), doing yoga and spending time with my long suffering boyfriend and our two dogs - Albert and Newton (guess who they are named after?! I told you I was a geek!) 


My cakes


Cake can be a treat for any occasion; but more often for those milestones in life - weddings, birthdays, anniversaries. What I love more than anything is talking to people; (preferably over coffee and cake!) about their story as this often helps in the creating of a truly unique cake to help people celebrate their special occasions.


So, if you have a special occasion on the horizon and want a scrumptious, beautiful cake made especially for you, made with love, please contact me, I'd love to hear your story.

Lisa x